Human Resources

at Carolina University


Welcome to the Carolina University! We are delighted that you have brought your talents to the CU family to contribute to our unique Christ-centered mission. The essentials of our mission are the transmission of knowledge through exceptional teaching and mentoring, the discovery of knowledge through scholarly research, creative innovation and professional collaboration. We offer an education that is rooted in faith but also aimed toward current job market trends that are in high demand as well as ones that will be in high demand in our future. We want to inspire our students to scholarship, to service, and to leadership in all that they do.

The concept of community is fundamental to a Carolina University education; the campus community embraces staff, faculty and students, as well as alumni, parents, benefactors, and visitors. Whatever your responsibilities, your efforts make an important contribution to the overall quality of life within the CU community. Your work matters here, and so do you.

This site contains important information concerning your employment or potential employment at Carolina University. If you have any questions concerning university policies, benefits, or any other aspect of your employment, please speak to your supervisor or contact the Office of Human Resources at 336-714-7924.

Our hope for you as a Carolina University employee is that you will find your work challenging and rewarding and that you will feel fully integrated into the university’s mission. Finally, we pray that you will experience both professional and personal growth as a member of this community.

Again, welcome!