Eye care is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle.  With vision insurance, having regular exams and purchasing contacts or glass is simple and affordable. 

Carolina University offers a voluntary full feature vision plan that provides coverage for lenses, frames, and contact lenses through Guardian.

Your In-Network Costs

No out of pocket costs for eye exams, single vision lenses, lined bifocal lenses, Lined trifocal lenses or lenticular lenses.



Name of Plan Voluntary Vision Plan
Network VSP Choice Network + Affiliates
Exams In-Network Out-of Network
Frequency Every Calendar Year
Annual Eye Exam $10 Copay Plan Covers up to $39
Frequency Every Calendar Year
Single Lenses $25 Copay Plan Covers up to $23
Bifocals $25 Copay Plan Covers up to $37
Trifocals $25 Copay Plan Covers up to $49
Contact Lenses*
$130 Allowance Plan Covers up to $100
Contact Lenses
Medically Necessary
Covered in Full Plan Covers up to $210
Frequency Every Other Calendar Year
Frame Allowance $130 Allowance;
20% off Balance
Plan Covers up to $46

Please take a look at our Employee Benefits Guide for more information or pricing.

Enroll Now

Enrolling or Making Changes

New Hires

Enrollment is completed in Employee Navigator during the onboarding process.

Throughout the Year

  1. Log into Employee Navigator to elect coverage throughout the year following a qualifying event.
  2. Provide supplemental documentation for the event.
  3. If adding a spouse and/or a dependent child, submit the required dependent verification documentation via Employee Navigator within 30 days of the event, or by the Annual Benefits Enrollment deadline.

Open Enrollment

November - December (changes are effective January 1)

Please remember, open enrollment is your only opportunity each year to make changes to your elections, unless you or your family members experience an eligible “change in status.”